World’s largest Solar Farm in India: More than 17 times the size of National Mall in DC.


National Geographic Megastructures featuring Adani’s Solar Power Plant.

World’s largest Solar Farm: More than 17 times size of National Mall in DC.

Kamuthi solar farm produces 648 megawatts of electricity. Its 2.5 million solar modules are cleaned each day by a team of robots, themselves solar-powered.

The new plant generates 648 MW and can power 150,000 homes.

Adani, an Indian company that specializes in solar development, has recently activated the largest solar installation in the world. Located in Kamuthi in the state of Tamil Nadu, the project is composed of 2.5 million solar panels covering more than 2,500 acres of land. Vneet Jaain, Adani CEO, said: “Before us, the largest solar power plant at a single location was in California in the U.S. That was of 550 MW and was completed in around three years. We wanted to set up a solar plant of 648 MW solar plant in a single location in less than a year.”

The Kamuthi solar farm produces 648 megawatts of electricity but here is the astonishing part. It was completed in just 8 months. Not only is solar power inexpensive and getting cheaper, a complete solar installation can be completed in the shortest possible time — a critical factor for countries like India where large portions of the population have no access to reliable electrical energy. It cost $679 million to build, which is a small fraction of what a comparable coal powered or nuclear generating plant would cost. A nuclear power plant today can take 9 years to design, build, and get operational.

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Where do the foodies shop or eat in Washington, DC?

Washington DC is a superb place for a wide ranging palette of taste buds.
This afternoon my lunch would be the Caribbean Ox-Tail with collard greens and Rice. Hm-mm.

Now if you like cheese – where do you go for a Ten Year Cheddar cheese. The finest and extensive collection of cheeses is Cheesetique. – Knowledgeable staff, sign for each cheese offering history, tasting notes, and serving suggestions.

What about excellent ready-to-sauté crabcakes? – What about Black Salt Fish Market ? A complete freshly cooked seafood meal? – We have The Fishery, in Chevy Chase!

What about excellent prepared food? Want a Bell & Evans birds? Around 150 of them are sold at Dawson’s Market often sells during its weekly Tuesday special (an all-natural bird for $5.99).

What about locally made pastas and sauces  for quick meals, sandwiches stuffed with house-smoked meats, thin-crust pizzas, and roast-chicken dinners, all created by former 1789 pastry chef Travis Olson? Try the 10,000-square-foot emporium near Dupont Circle, DC. – Glen’s Garden Market.

Happy eating!

PS: Source of today’s Post is the Washingtonian Magazine. You can find many other foodie’s haven here.


Tacos in DC – The best according to 6 chefs


Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge executive chef Jeff Eng: Taqueria & Pupuseria El Paso, a taco truck outside of the Gaithersburg DMV. He likes the face and tongue tacos: “The meat is really rich and caramelized, and they serve the tacos with radishes and their own hot sauces.” He adds that there’s always a line, and he almost enjoys going to the DMV now.

Mandu co-owner Danny Lee: “Chinito’s Burritos near Union Market! My buddy Jin Chong owns it, and it is absolutely delicious. It’s great because everything is incredibly fresh, and you can taste it in the food. I love getting a chicken taco with his salsa verde. He makes all of the salsas in-house and roasts almost everything that goes into them. He also makes a few hot sauces too that are delicious and incredible spicy.”

Ghibellina executive chef Jonathan Copeland: “My two go-to taco places are Taqueria La Placita in Hyattsville, MD, and when I want to stay in my neighborhood, Super Tacos on Columbia Road in DC (recommended by fellow chef Johnny Spero [of Minibar]). I love lengua, al pastor and cochinita pibil. All the tacos are super traditional with minimum garnish and on two corn tortillas.”

Carolina Kitchen chef-owner Lance London loves TaKorean at Union Market: He likes the caramelized tofu tacos topped with fresh ingredients like cilantro, spicy slaw, kale and Sriracha served on a warm tortilla. “I love it because of its fresh, healthy, interesting flavors. [Plus], fast service!”

Red Light Cocktails & Dessert Bar chef-partner Robert Underwood: “I am half Mexican and originally from out West so have searched high and low for some good Mexican home cooking in these parts and I have found it mainly in Riverdale, MD. My recommendation would be Taqueria Tres Reyes on Kennilworth Avenue just outside of DC. I always get the Tacos Dorados (golden tacos) or, as we call them in Cali, “taquitos.” They are corn tortillas filled with shredded beef then tightly rolled and deep fried. They come covered with queso fresco, an avocado sauce and shredded lettuce. You can also get them in chicken, pork, chorizo or beef tongue, but I like the shredded beef the best. While there, you can pop a dollar in their jukebox and your selection will play at a volume that makes the whole building shudder and shake as you crunch away on the taquitos. Good times!”

Alba Osteria chef de cuisine Amy Brandwein: She hits the El Chilango food truck in Arlington when she has a craving. “The tongue and chorizo tacos are great. The salsa verde has a nice kick, and the owners work really hard to make you happy. Prices are fantastic.” (By the way, there is also a brick-and-mortar Tacos El Chilango in DC at 1119 V St. NW).

– From Zagat – posted on April 29th 2014

Happy taco eating!