What about Bankok to Singapore (1223 miles) for around 50 USD

Includes Sleeper bearth for two nights!

SE-Asia-train-route-map-imWhat about excellent meals on the train for 6 USD?


Sea food dinner for around 6 USD


Courtesy to the wonderful Mark Smith of the man in seat 61!!

I had lived in India for more than two decades. And trains were especially close to my heart. It was always an adventure, with a feeling of – ‘I am going to travel’. It was slow, and thus gave me  those moments of contemplation, admiring the beauty of villages, mango trees, and lakes and ponds crossing by. The sound of the whistle. A sense of space – when one can hang around near the door, or walk about from compartment to compartment. That cool breeze hitting you through open windows in hot summers.  the Luxury of getting out at different stations to get some delectable snacks from vendors on the platform (i say luxury because unlike taking a plane on a 1000 mile trip with limited options to eat, but each train station offers snacks/food that is a specialty of that local region and thus we get to try different foods from different regions).

Happy Journeying




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